Westerville Heat Pump Repair & Installs

Attention residents of Westerville Ohio. Do you have a heat pump installed in your home or workplace? If so, great! If not, you may want to consider getting one. Central Ohio and the entire Ohio region is a prime place to have a piece of equipment like a heat pump.

There are many advantages that can be capitalized on owning one and we will go over some of them with you in a few. Wondering what the heck a heat pump even is? Don’t worry, keep reading below and we will walk you through it. 

heat pump installs and repair

Heat Pump Experts in Westerville

Olentangy Heating and Cooling have advanced heat pump techs that can help you with any of your issues and explain to you more about your heat pump when on location with you.

If you already know that this is something you are interested in, click the button below to call us for a free estimate or service.

Heat Pump Repair

Yes, we repair heat pumps. Our technicians have a great deal of experience servicing heat pumps in the Columbus area since so many people have them these days.

Most equipment now days can last a long while without needing repairs but nothing is perfect and this is why we are here for you when a problem arises. Reach out and speak with one of our scheduling representatives so we can come out and fix your heat pump today!

Heat Pump Installation

We install heat pumps too! Better yet, we will give you a free estimate on a new system you are possibly wanting installed. Heat pumps as well as other systems have grown technologically over the years and have really developed into a well rounded and smart piece of equipment.

The newer systems are better put together and will maintain itself better and for a longer period of time without much maintenance needed. If you are on the fence, let us answer your questions. We offer financing for qualified buyers as well as have additional promotions and vendor discounts from time to time so don’t forget to ask!

Olentangy Heating & Cooling looks forward to installing your heat pump in Westerville or the Columbus Ohio area.

What Does a Heat Pump Do and Should You Have One?

A heat pump and AC are in one but the heat pump does opposite of what your AC unit does. Even in the cold there is heat energy in the air. The heat pump collects that heat from the outside and transfers it inside and over the coil in the furnace and disperses it throughout your home.

In the winter the unit will heat and in the summer the unit will cool. It is a very intelligent system that will help with your monthly utility cost. There are not many parts inside of the unit but they are so advanced that they know what to do and perform all the work.

Heat pumps are used as a supplementary heat source that works in tandem with your gas furnace to balance the use of natural resources with electrical resources. Heat pumps monitor both the inside and outside of your home to perform the most efficient overall with your entire HVAC system.

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