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It’s just about the time to turn on the air conditioning unit for the warmer weather and… nothing. No cool air is coming out of the registers in your home, the fan is not turning on to blow the air you want circulating throughout your house, or a number of other issues that may be wrong. Simply put it has stopped working for you.

You may be elderly, or have children and pets to worry about, or perhaps you just want to be in your home and enjoy the cool air comfort that you should be. At Olentangy Heating & Cooling we will let you know very bluntly if your AC system needs to be replaced. 

Many times our certified techs can handle a job and have you fixed and operational in a short time but, this is not always the case. We like to think we are miracle workers in most circumstances, and we have pulled off a number of them if I say so myself.

Sometimes it just cannot happen or maybe you have a new construction or addition to your home and need to upgrade. Truth be known, there are a number of different systems and sizes when it comes to installing a new air conditioning unit.

You need the right amount of duct work and the appropriate BTU sized system that is going to work best and most efficient for your home. You need and expert air conditioner company to work with and this is why we would love for you to choose our heating and cooling business.

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Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Considering an  air conditioning replacement in your HVAC system is a big decision. This is because it is such a major investment for your home.

We are not talking about what type of flowers should go in the garden. It is on an entirely different level. This is why we cannot quote over the phone and this is also why we provide FREE estimates.

When you call in inquiring about getting a quote for a new air conditioning unit, we come to your location and give you a detailed and accurate quote. This is because we have to take measurements and see what all should go into your home to make it just right.

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Westerville Ohio's Leading Air Conditioning Installers

Key Indicators that you may be in need or contacting and scheduling a free estimate with one of our service representitives include some of the following (but not limited to):

  • Your air conditioning unit has become excessivly loud and noisy
  • Your AC has reached its age limit (10-15+ Years)
  • You are experiencing very high utility bills
  • The air conditioner is not producing the way it used to
  • Odor or smells are noticable from the unit itself
  • Home additions and expanding the square footage of your home
  • In recent years you have made more regular repairs on your AC
Again, these are just some issues that may arise to keep an eye on to indicate you could be needing a new system in the near furture. There are a number of other problems that can occur with your cooling system that could be major issues.