Air Duct Cleaning Westerville OH

Spring cleaning or not getting your air ducts cleaned in your home and office is nothing short of amazing. We provide professional air duct cleaning services with our top of the line equipment to rid of dirt, dust, and debris in your duct work that is circulating in your home.

Breathing in the stuff in the air that is difficult to see with the naked eye could be impacting your health. Olentangy Heating & Cooling have performed numerous duct cleanings and our customers have been extremely happy with the results we produce for them.

air duct cleaning services in westerville and columbus ohio

Should I Have My Ductwork Cleaned?

Although there are no studies that support the prevention of health problems, the EPA does recommend you cleaning your air ducts in certain cases. We have performed many of air duct cleanings though where members in the home or office that had breathing disorders such as asthma for example, said they could tell a difference.

The EPA recommends cleaning your duct work if:

  • You have suspected mold inside of your duct work
  • Rodents or vermin are in your ducts
  • Excessive dirt and debris that is causing clogs or blockage

Need a Quote for Air Duct Cleaning?

What Is Our Duct Cleaning Process?

Let us first start off by telling you ALL heat runs and registers are included in our flat rate duct cleanings. Unlike competitors who have additional charges past a certain number, our cleanings are for the entire building.

Also, from time to time we include a furnace checkup at no additional cost. Check with our staff to see if we are including this service at the moment.

Professional Duct Cleaning Equipment

We do not crawl inside of the ducts with a feather duster. We use high powered, professional equipment that has the appropriate tools necessary to complete the job.

We have different brush heads that clean the inside of the duct work that loosens any dirt, debris, mold, etc. Typically attached or done after is a high powered vacuum that eliminates and pulls the debris out of the home or office.

Any remaining debris is blown towards the furnace which is the last stop where we clean the entire furnace as well and any debris that was pushed through to it. 

Furnace Tune-Ups

Tune ups are a great way to have your system checked on and maintained. A technician can see issues that may cause you major repairs in the future that could be prevented.

We go over a multi point inspection in each tune up and provide you with the results. Your entire furnace is checked over letting you know any issues you have with it at the time or ones that we foresee you having soon.

Your unit is also cleaned at this time and your filter checked. Visit our tune-up page to schedule yours.