Temperatures will rise, starting now till the peak of the summer season and you may have your home’s air conditioning system on the mind. For most people, they seldom give it a thought until it is time to turn the switch to stop the heat and let the cool air flowing.


When was the last time you scheduled a maintenance call, particularly for the ac system? For your ac unit to work at peak performance, a little tender loving care every year will make it run more efficiently.  Keep in mind, you may be working with a couple of myths in that are holding you back.


Air Conditioning Myth #1: Maintenance Include Refilling Refrigerant (That Can Be Expensive)


The simple fact of the matter is, if your refrigerant needs refilling (recharging) during a tune up coming off of the winter season, it is because there’s a leak in the system. If you have not used your system and are low, this more than likely means all or some has indeed leaked out. This can be fixed with ac repair services and is a great time to catch it before it all potentially is gone and wasted.  Refrigerant is not like windshield washer fluid in your car, where you need to maintain a gallon available and fill it up. While it’s a fantastic idea to make sure everything in your system is properly maintained, it’s to make sure your system is operating properly.

air conditioning maintenance

Air Conditioning Myth #2: Your “Existing” AC Unit Can Keep Running For Years


Like every appliance in your house, updates are made all the time, thanks to technological people continuing to make advancements in the HVAC industry.  


If you’ve got an old air conditioner, it may still utilize R-22 refrigerant, that has been proven to have harmful effects on the environment.  Unfortunately, R-22 is not being made in North America, however, you can still get recycled R-22 in case your older air conditioner requires a recharge.


But if your air conditioning unit uses this old and obsolete refrigerant, your unit is most likely not working efficiently.  By updating to a new air conditioner, you may immediately capitalize on the benefits by having a more efficient ac system, which reduces how much you really spend in your utility bills each month.


By 2020, R-22 will no more be accessible in any way.  How old is your air conditioner? Would you benefit from updating your AC this year?