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Choose the right Westerville heating contractor for your home. Olentangy Heating & Cooling of Westerville, OH. The Columbus HVAC Crew that can deliver you excellent heating service from repairs to installations!

Westerville’s #1 Furnace Replacement Installations

When it comes to your home’s heating system, you want the best solution for both functionality and energy efficiency. With our many years of experience in Westerville Ohio with furnace replacements, we know that a new installation will not only be efficient but also create an overall comfortable environment for you and your family.

Every unit is handled by skilled installers who are well-versed in up-to-date technology. The end result is a clean, seamless installation process without any hiccups or surprises. To learn more about our services contact us at (614) 826-6466 today!

It is hard to find a better time to replace your furnace than the winter. The cold weather has created an excellent excuse for you to get this important task out of the way, before it becomes more difficult and expensive.

No one likes being cold or shivering in their own home all day. It will be a relief when you can finally stop dealing with icy floors, foggy windows and freezing air blowing through cracks in old pipes. You deserve warmth!

Whatโ€™s more, replacing your furnace at this point in the year means that you are saving money on monthly heating costs because you won’t have to run your current system as much since its output will not need to heat up such large spaces from scratch.

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A Trusted Heating Contractor in Westerville Ohio

We’re a local heating service company in Westerville Ohio with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We make it our mission to help you stay warm in cold months without putting an undue financial burden on your wallet. Whether you want residential installation, repair, or maintenance, we’ve got something for everyone! Contact us today for more information about the many ways we can keep your house cozy from head-to-toe this winter.

heating contractor hvac westerville ohio
heating contractor westerville ohio
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Don’t have time to talk? Submit a free quote and we will reach out to you!

Commonly Asked Heating Questions

Answer: Emergency heat is a quick fix solution that is ideal for supplying short-term heating during power outages. The system works by circulating hot water through the radiators of an HVAC system at three times the temperature of normal thermal systems.

Typically, there are four working components to this kind of system โ€“ a Heat Source Unit (HSU), a circulation pump, plenum or expansion tank to provide additional storage for large volume flows inside the building, and Air Handling Equipment for distribution in the occupied area. The emergency heat can be operated without electricity because its primary function is to maintain 100% occupancy comfort levels during total blackout situations.

Answer: Sometimes, it depends on when you are calling in to schedule your tune-up. During peak seasons our main focus in our heating and cooling company is providing service to our customers that need it most. With that said, if you call during the peak HVAC seasons (right as it is getting cold or warmer) we dedicate that time for residents that have no heat, no air conditioning, or emergency heating and cooling repairs that need taken care of. We will always allow you to schedule for future dates when we have more downtime or make you aware of when we will start scheduling for AC and furnace tune-ups so you can call back in at a later time if you wish.

It can be hard to find a good heating contractor due to a surplus of choices, but it also might take some time and effort. The most important thing is finding someone who is honest and has previously done quality work. A little research goes a long way in identifying potential companies. Checking out online reviews, editorial articles, or recommendations from friends are all great ways of finding someone reputable for your project. Once you have found the few contractors that seem right for your home, make sure that each contractor provides what they offer along with an estimate of the project so that you can compare costs and get prices upfront before making any type of commitment.

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