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Heat Pump not working properly? Olentangy Heating & Cooling of Westerville can offer you heat pump repair services. The Columbus HVAC Crew that can deliver you excellent heating service from repairs to installations!

Westerville Heat Pump Repair Services

Heating and cooling systems are necessary for maintaining a comfortable home. But when they break down, the repair costs can be huge. If you live in Westerville or surrounding areas throughout Columbus Ohio, you need to know about our affordable heating and cooling services. We provide comprehensive repairs of all makes and models of heat pumps at competitive prices that will not cost you an arm and a leg like most other companies do. Our technicians are NATE Certified so we guarantee your system is repaired correctly without any issues arising later on down the line!

Olentangy Heating & Cooling specializes in repairing all types of heat pump equipment including other heating and cooling services to provide a full HVAC solution for our customers. Contact us today for more information about scheduling to fix your system!

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What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a mechanical device that transfers thermal energy from a cold place to a warmer place. More specifically, it can be describe as an electric compressor wrapped in a loop of tubing filled with refrigerant gas. A refrigerator works by removing the heat from inside the interior and pushing it outside with no net gain or loss of mass so there is no physical work involved.

The term “heat pump” is used more often than “chiller” or “air conditioner.” Basically, these terms all refer to different methods for conditioning indoor areas, usually homes and commercial buildings by transferring heat.

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Olentangy Heating & Cooling Can Help Service All Types of Equipment

There are a number of HVAC equipment brands to choose from and if we did not install your system our technicians can work on them all. Some of the leading trusted brands we can work on but are not limited to are some of the following:

carrier hvac brand
rheem heating and air conditioning
trane heating and cooling equipment
bryant furnace and air conditioning

Commonly Asked Heat Pump Questions

Technically yes, but it is best to consult a professional before proceeding.

Sometimes a problem is just a simple adjustment of the thermostat, but if they need repairs you’ll want someone with the appropriate certifications and expertise for this kind of work – even if that means coming out to your house. Sometimes an HVAC technician will be able to provide an estimate over the phone as well as let you know what parts might be needed, although our process is to come and make sure the diagnosis on the system is correct before giving any type or price for the scope of work that needs to be done.

This usually depends on the unit itself as in the age, lifetime maintenance issues, leaks, and other factors tend to be a major deciding factor on what you should do as a homeowner. Our technicians will advise you on what the best avenue to take when making this decision, weighing out both the positives and negatives on both sides of the situation if applicable.

Yes! One of the most common questions people have is whether or not a heat pump could heat their entire house. This is possible because these systems use components like water coils to transfer heated air from one zone to another and different sized units are installed for each space that requires heating and cooling. You can find out more information on them by browsing our site and you will be able to review the product, compare brands and models, read customer reviews, etc. Finally if you’re ready to buy we offer low monthly payments with easy financing options to help budget your project.

It’s definitely a good idea to have an inspection performed. The inspector will walk through the property and look for any issues with the HVAC system, assess its performance, identify any problematic underlying problems (such as ducts that create backflow), estimate the age of the equipment, and provide a cost-benefit analysis on the estimated life of different decisions. It will also uncover information on how often filters need to be changed or whether mold is likely growing. That way you can make an informed decision before buying a house OR selling your current one.

The cost of repairing a heat pump depends on the severity of the problem. Estimates for repairs can range anywhere from $100 to $2000+ depending on where you live in the country, otherwise known as your cost-of-living index.
Take a light bulb for example. It may last years in Ohio but may burn out in just a few months when people use it constantly, say in a place like New York City because it depends largely on temperature range and usage. The same applies to household appliances and electronics like computers or TVs, which last much longer when used less intensively outside of warmer areas than they would if used constantly in cold environments like Alaska or Canada where temperatures can regularly dip well below freezing at night.

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