Furnace Replacements & Installations

Replacing your furnace or putting on an addition to your home that needs a new furnace installed? Olentangy Heating & Cooling provides fresh installs and replacements of furnaces and heating systems in Westerville and all the surrounding areas.

If you are on the flip side of the this and have a furnace in your home that has stopped working, not blowing air throughout your home, or perhaps is not heating properly, don’t get discouraged. We may be able to service and repair your furnace and save you time and money with just a simple repair.

If not, and our heating specialists declare your system dead, we offer can still help you with what you need and have different financing options available.

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Should I Replace My Furnace?

HVAC systems are a major investment for home owners. Your AC and furnace are two of the most energy consumption pieces of equipment in your home and something many of us forget about and disregard because well, most of time, they are working the way they should.

It is when they do not, we stress over them. They play in the “out of sight, out of mind” rule. Either way, if your heating system is not working efficiently or they way it is intended, we will let you know what the issue is and guide you in the best possible direction to make the wisest decision.

If the repair is going to be costly and not make sense to do (in your best interest) the rational option may be to replace the unit based on age and cost of repair. We will help you determine so, honestly.

What Furnace or AC Service Can We Help You With?

How Can I Increase The Life of My Furnace?

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Apart from learning the HVAC trade and how the in’s and out’s of your heating system works so you are able to diagnose, service, and repair your own unit and problems that arise, here are a few things you can do to help increase the lifetime of your furnace.

Change Filters

Furnace filters get dirty and clogged over time. Also they do not only filter for your furnace but your AC and entire HVAC system as a whole. They are located inside by the furnace in most cases. Filters need changed, its just that simple. Many different machinery and equipment have filters, take your car for instance.

It has filters, and they need changed. Unchanged filters can become soiled to the point it will seize up your furnace or make your coils freeze. If this happens you more than likely will need to call someone like us. Keeping clean furnaces helps with the air flow of your system and puts less strain on your system.

Scheduled Tune-Ups

Tune ups are a great way to have your system checked on and maintained. A technician ca see issues that may cause you major repairs in the future that could be prevented. We go over a multi point inspection in each tune up and provide you with the results.

  Your entire furnace is checked over letting you know any issues you have with it at the time or ones that we foresee you having soon. Your unit is also cleaned at this time and your filter checked. Visit our tune-up page to schedule yours.

Thermostat Settings

Having your thermostat settings appropriately set can put less wear and tear on your hvac system. Try not to leave your fan in the “on” position continuously as this will constantly have your blower running and system on 24/7.

Find a comfortable temperature that suites you and have your system auto cycle. The higher the temperature in the winter and lower the temperature in the summer put more work on your system as well, so do not over-do it. 

Air Duct Cleanings

Having your ducts and vents cleaned will not only increase the air quality of your home but, help with your furnace overall. The dirt, debris, pet dander, and other things that get trapped in your duct work over the years pile up, and up, and UP!

Filthy vents will put you needing to change your filters more often and can possible effect the efficiency of your furnace to perform at its best. Try our air duct cleaning service if you have not had your vents cleaned.