Out of the walls of your home, the summer heat can feel like it is never-ending.  On the flip side, Indoors, your AC continues to keep functioning nonstop, maintaining that cool feel for you daily.


Want to present your air conditioner a helping hand or even a few helping hands?  It might be as straightforward as incorporating the twist of a knob or click of a button that will assist you in remaining more comfortable, in addition to helping you conserve electricity and money in the procedure.


Ceiling and oscillating fans do not offer cool air to the space but can be a little magical when it comes to the air inside your home.  They create a “wind chill effect” by transferring air across your body. It keeps down your temperature while enabling you to turn up the temperature on your own air conditioner.  This is how your AC system receives a break by balancing the air throughout your home.


While oscillating fans are mobile and operate well when you are stationary in 1 room, contemplating a ceiling fan is another alternative for those rooms in which you spend the best quantity of time.  Kitchens, dining room, family rooms, and bedrooms are likely candidates for ceiling fans circulating the airflow more.

air conditioning energy efficiency

Want a much more successful choice? Ever heard of an entire house fan?


They use much less energy than an air conditioner.  They’re best used throughout the colder times of the day — earlier in the morning and later at night — to help reduce air conditioning requirements.  

We know of two different types:



If you are in need of HVAC services, get in touch with us and let us talk about better ways to be more energy efficient in your home and help you to produce a long-lasting air conditioning experience.